How to Find the Right Broom for Your Street Sweeper

Keystone Street Sweeper Broom Guide

There are many different sweepers and sweeping attachments available on the market today. Some are new and easy to see the manufacturer while some are so old they’re difficult to identify. There are also many different broom types from wafers to tube broom to strip brooms.

End users often walk in and say something like, “I need some new bristles for my sweeper, you know the wavy ones.” Your first thought is, “Ok, so they need a convoluted wafer but for what type of sweeper?” Or they might say, “I need a new broom core, but I’m not sure what size or model sweeper we have, but my boss said to stop in and you would know.”

We all share in the challenges of finding the right broom for our customers, as we want to help them solve their broom problem and get them back on the road sweeping.

The new Keystone Distributor Guide we’ve developed will help alleviate these frustrations and match the correct broom with the correct sweeper. You’ll be able to quickly answer your customers’ questions and find the broom they need.

Email us today to get a copy of our Keystone Street Sweeping Distributor Guide.

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