A Better Way To Ship Gutter Brooms

Gaylord of Keystone Gutter Brooms

Gutter Brooms are typically made up of a few sections or heads. The most common are 5 section and 4 section. While there are others, each box you purchase will be packaged with the amount of sections needed to make one complete Gutter Broom.

This works well if you are re-selling the Gutter Brooms or if you are a low volume user. But what if you’re a high volume user or sell to high volume users? In this case it is easier to purchase bulk totes (commonly referred to as gaylords) of Gutter Brooms.

Each tote has 120 Gutter Broom sections inside. This means that you can reach in the tote and simply pull out the sections that you need without dealing with boxes.

This also work well if you have different sweeper that use the same type of Gutter Broom but with different section counts, i.e. 4 section Elgin and a 5 section Elgin use the same Gutter Broom block and are the same, just a different quantity to make the broom for different sweepers.

Totes also save on shipping costs. Depending on the type of Gutter Broom, we typically put 16 to 20 Gutter Broom boxes on a pallet. If, for example, we take a standard 5 section Gutter Broom and we put 20 boxes on the pallet, you’ll have a total of 100 sections making 20 sets of Gutter Brooms. A tote has 120 sections which will give you 24 sets of Gutter Brooms for the same cost.

Note all styles of Gutter Brooms are not available in totes. To learn more email or call us today at info@kpbrush.com | 908.561.1300.

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