Tube Brooms – Everything You Need To Know

Keystone Tube Broom

Welcome to Part 2, of our series Everything You Need To Know About Street Sweeping Brooms featuring Tube Brooms.

Tube brooms have been around for a long time and have always been a standard in street sweeping. There are three different tube broom styles in order to accommodate the various types of sweepers and different applications within the industry.

The first style broom is the pick-up broom or main broom that is used on mechanical sweepers. This is typically for municipal or highway sweeping. Pick-up brooms are generally in the center of the sweeper and are used to sweep debris up into a hooper. These brooms typically have an 8 3/8” core and are open ended, to be able to slide over a stub shaft. They can also have an end-plate welded directly on the broom, so you’ll need to make sure you know how your machine is configured to ensure you order the correct replacement broom.

The second style is an assist broom that’s used on a vacuum sweeper. These sweepers use this smaller assist broom to direct debris toward the vacuum system. Assist brooms vary in length and diameter, with most having endplates that are specific to the sweeper.

Lastly, the third type of tube broom is the large road construction broom. There are 2 typical ID’s, 10″ and 8 5/8” and 2 standard OD’s, 32” and 36”. These brooms are available in a variety of lengths depending upon the sweeper, but the maximum length of a single broom core is 96”. The cores can be open-ended, have an end plate, or have a key way welded inside to drive the broom.

All three of these style tube brooms can have two types of bristle fill – poly bristle or a poly/wire combo bristle. The poly is the most common bristle fill with excellent durability and strong flick action for high production sweeping.

The combo bristle has a mixture of poly and wire and is meant for a more aggressive sweep. The wire adds a cutting action to help scrub debris of the surface of the road. Wire also adds more material to the broom making it heavier and extending the life of the broom.

Please contact us anytime with further questions related to tube brooms or any other street sweeping brooms.


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