Did You Know – Gutter Broom Gaylord Boxes

Gutter Broom Gaylord Boxes make stacking and shipping gutter brooms easy.
Did you know that there’s a way to purchase gutter brooms in bulk? Some styles of gutter brooms can be purchased in gaylord boxes, which are bulk sized corrugated boxes that can hold up to 120 gutter broom segments.

Traditionally a 5-segment gutter brooms are packaged in a box with 5 segments. If you’re replacing two gutter brooms on a sweeper, you would need to purchase two 5-segment gutter broom boxes. Alternatively, a gaylord allows you to have just one large box with many gutter broom segments.
120 Segments in a Gaylord
  • Makes 30 sets of a 4-segment gutter broom
  • Makes 24 sets of a 5-segment gutter broom
A gaylord box of gutter brooms is easy to ship and store while also reducing the amount of corrugated waste associated with multiple boxes of standard packed 4 or 5-segment gutter brooms. If you have multiple sweepers that use a 4- or 5-segment gutter broom, you’ll be able to reduce inventory and just carry the gaylord.
Gutter Broom Gaylord Boxes
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