All-Pro Combo Strip Brooms Feature Poly and Wire Bristle

AllPro Combo Strip Broom

Did You Know: The AllPro Combo Strip Brooms are available with Poly/Wire Bristle

The All-Pro Strip Broom was developed nearly 20 years ago as an alternative to the traditional Tube Broom. Strip brooms are easy to ship, easy to change, and like the tube broom, are available with all poly bristle or a combination of poly and wire bristle (All-Pro Combo Strip Broom).


For tougher sweeping jobs, adding wire helps improve the overall performance of the sweeper. The poly bristle does the flicking while the wire  does the digging. Wire is laid down on top of the poly bristle on each individual strip. The wire leads with an aggressive digging action and the poly bristle follows behind with the standard flicking action.


This combination of poly and wire works well for milling jobs, surface with densely packed debris, and any application that requires an aggressive sweep. Adding the wire to the strip broom means that you can do any type of sweeping with a strip brooms.



Benefits of Combo Strip Broom:
  • added benefit of wire for aggressive digging
  • additional life – adding wire bristle adds more material and last longer
  • easy change over
  • reduce storage space compared to Tube Brooms
  • freight savings due to the smaller foot print of strip brooms compared to Tube Brooms


Talk to your broom supplier and ask about the All-Pro Combo Strip Brooms. If you already use strip brooms, ask your broom supplier about getting a set of combo strips to test. If you’re not using strip brooms yet and want to convert a sweeper, ask about getting a mandrel and set of strips to test.


Reach out to a Keystone Rep directly for more info and to find your local distributor.
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