The Broom Standard of Sweeping

Quality and Performance Brooms

At Keystone we’ve learned that to maintain an industry standard in quality and performance, we need to continually invest in our infrastructure, our people and our processes to deliver the best brooms possible.

As the OEM broom supplier to most of the sweeper manufacturers in North America, we ship consistent quality, on-time, day in and day out.  How well your broom performs is not about the the cost of the broom. Performance is about how well the broom does the job it’s intended to do. The price you pay for a replacement broom is only the beginning of the cost associated with changing the broom. The downtime of the sweeper and the labor cost can add up to more than the actual broom.

Quality and Performance Are All in the Bristle

Over the years we have perfected the process of extruding the high-impact resistance polypropylene bristles used for making street sweeping and road construction brooms. The broom and the bristle move the debris off the surface of the road.

The flicking action of the bristle is doing all the work when sweeping. The trick is to have a heavy-duty bristle that can dig but still allow for the proper flicking action. The correct construction of the bristle creates a broom that does a great job and performs as expected.

Wire Can Improve Performance

Some sweeping jobs are tougher than others. Adding wire bristle to your broom helps with performance in these tougher scenarios. Poly and wire bristle are mixed together in the construction of the broom. The poly bristle does the flicking and the wire scratches the surface. This combination works great for heavy milling jobs and on surfaces with densely packed debris.

Adding wire to the broom also adds more weight and more material to the brooms. Combo brooms with poly and wire typically last longer that all poly brooms.

The Cost of Quality 

Running quality brooms leads to a reduction in your overall operational cost, less changes overs, and less downtime saving you time and money.

This infographic represents why quality is worth the cost (the numbers are meant to be a representation to illustrate the relationship between cost and quality). You can plug any numbers into this equation and do the cost analysis yourself.

Download the guide here

At the end of the day, our goal at Keystone is to be a reliable supplier and provide quality brooms that meet your performance expectation.

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