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Keystone Plastics Distributor Guide

Find the Right Broom for Any Sweeper

We are happy to announce that we’ve made some updates to our Distributor Guide. The Distributor Guide was designed a few years ago to help our distribution partners match up different sweeper models with the correct brooms. Several sweeper manufacturers have made changes in recent years. These changes are updated in the new Distributor Guide.

There are also a few new sweeper models on the market that are not listed in the guide. Multi-Hog, Madvac, Dulevo, and ODRA to name a few. We have brooms available for all these sweepers, just reach out to your Account Manager if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

A note on sweeper attachments, there are many different sweeper attachment manufactures and companies. A few are not listed in the guide – John Deere, Blue Diamond, Road Hog, Virnig etc. Most attachment models follow these standard set of rules:

  • Angle Brooms – most angle brooms use 10″ x 32″ wafers
  • Pick-up Brooms – most pick-up brooms use 8″ x 26″ wafers
  • Exceptions: there are always excepts as some use smaller 24″wafers and on some occasions, you may run into a tube brooms


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