The Keystone to Efficiency: How Keystone Plastics Masters the Art of Shipping

reduce shipping costs

At Keystone Plastics, we understand the importance of getting our product to our customers quickly and affordably. Our shipping department plays a vital role in our success and is one of the reasons we stand apart from our competition. We handle it all with a customer-first mindset, from start to finish. We know and understand how to reduce shipping costs for our brooms because it’s been the backbone of our company model since day one.

The Engine of the Supply Chain

Efficient shipping isn’t just about speedy deliveries; it’s the cornerstone of a smooth-running supply chain. It ensures timely product availability for our customers and minimizes disruptions. Here at Keystone Plastics, we’re committed to providing cost-effective shipping solutions that benefit both our company and yours.

My main goal is to make sure every package, whether it’s the size of a pea or a piano, arrives on time. I chat with Carriers, probably more than my own family, to snag the best rates and map out the optimum routes. I use technology to track each shipment – it’s like a reality TV show, but for LTL & Truckloads”, says Urban Carter, our Shipping & Logistics Coordinator.

reduce shipping costs
(Left) Urban with (Right) Oscar, our Shipping Manager


The Weight of the Challenge

The weight and size of our brooms can significantly impact shipping costs, sometimes reaching up to 10-20% of the product’s value. To address this, we’re constantly seeking innovative solutions to keep these costs in check. When you stop to consider the size and weight of the items we ship daily, we recognize that the cost of shipping is a huge overhead for many of our customers. We don’t ever want that to hinder anything that we do and will work with our customers to save money as best as we can, from bulk to freight shipping options.

Keystone’s Cost-Cutting Arsenal

At Keystone, we’ve adopted a multi-pronged approach to reduce shipping costs without compromising on quality or speed.

  • Bulk Ordering: By strategically planning and ordering materials in bulk, we negotiate better rates with suppliers, reducing overall shipping expenditure.
  • Packaging Optimization: We’re constantly re-evaluating and improving our packaging methods. This not only minimizes empty space in shipments but also ensures the safe arrival of your order.
  • Strategic Partnerships: We’ve built strong relationships with reliable shipping providers who offer competitive rates and exceptional service.

These strategies, along with many others, have resulted in significant cost savings. Our hand-selected small business mindset around shipping is evident in the intense project management. Urban Carter says “Our Keystone mission is to ensure deliveries are as safe and punctual as well as cost-effective as possible. This isn’t just about moving street sweeping brooms, it’s about building trust with our partners, one delivery at a time.”

reduce shipping costs

Collaboration is Key

Achieving cost-efficient shipping requires a team effort. Our shipping department works closely with procurement and other departments to identify areas for improvement and implement effective solutions. This cross-departmental collaboration ensures a holistic approach to optimizing our shipping processes for maximum benefit.

By prioritizing efficient shipping practices, Keystone Plastics remains committed to delivering our high-quality products on time and within budget. After all, your satisfaction is our cornerstone.

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