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The Keystone to Efficiency: How Keystone Plastics Masters the Art of Shipping

At Keystone Plastics, we understand the importance of getting our product to our customers quickly and affordably. Our shipping department plays a vital role in our success and is one of the reasons we stand apart from our competition. We handle it all with a customer-first mindset, from start to finish. We know and understand how to reduce shipping costs for our brooms because it’s been the backbone of our company model since day one. Continue reading “The Keystone to Efficiency: How Keystone Plastics Masters the Art of Shipping”

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Control your Inventory Destiny With Access To Our Online Customer Portal

We all know that having the right tools at the right time will ensure optimal performance and durability for our equipment. With our Online Ordering System and Customer Portal, our customers have the power to see their order history and re-order easily. The middle of the busy spring season is not the time to run out of inventory. Continue reading “Control your Inventory Destiny With Access To Our Online Customer Portal”

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The Keystone Difference and the Real People Behind the Scenes

Celebrating Our Customer Service Team at Keystone

As the promise of spring looms on the horizon, we’re gearing up for another busy sweeping season. Behind the scenes, our dedicated customer service team stands ready to support our customers every step of the way. In this blog post, we want to shine a spotlight on the invaluable contributions of our customer service representatives who ensure that our customers receive the assistance they need, when they need it.

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Keystone Plastics Distributor Guide

UPDATED Distributor Guide Now Available

Find the Right Broom for Any Sweeper

We are happy to announce that we’ve made some updates to our Distributor Guide. The Distributor Guide was designed a few years ago to help our distribution partners match up different sweeper models with the correct brooms. Several sweeper manufacturers have made changes in recent years. These changes are updated in the new Distributor Guide.

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The Broom Standard of Sweeping

Quality and Performance Brooms

At Keystone we’ve learned that to maintain an industry standard in quality and performance, we need to continually invest in our infrastructure, our people and our processes to deliver the best brooms possible.

As the OEM broom supplier to most of the sweeper manufacturers in North America, we ship consistent quality, on-time, day in and day out.  How well your broom performs is not about the the cost of the broom. Performance is about how well the broom does the job it’s intended to do. The price you pay for a replacement broom is only the beginning of the cost associated with changing the broom. The downtime of the sweeper and the labor cost can add up to more than the actual broom.

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AllPro Combo Strip Broom

All-Pro Combo Strip Brooms Feature Poly and Wire Bristle

Did You Know: The AllPro Combo Strip Brooms are available with Poly/Wire Bristle

The All-Pro Strip Broom was developed nearly 20 years ago as an alternative to the traditional Tube Broom. Strip brooms are easy to ship, easy to change, and like the tube broom, are available with all poly bristle or a combination of poly and wire bristle (All-Pro Combo Strip Broom).

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