Why Convoluted Wafers Are More Economical Than Flat Wafers

Wafers are used to make main brooms for mechanical sweepers, road construction sweepers, and sweeper attachments.

Wafers are individual broom discs that stack on top of each other on a wafer rack to make a full broom core. There are two style wafers – Convoluted and Flat. Convoluted wafers have a wavy shape and flat wafers are well, flat.

Most people tend to stick with whatever broom type or configuration is on the sweeper when the sweeper is purchased. If you’re using flat wafers you may want to see why switching to convoluted can save you time and money.

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Employee Spotlight: April Boykin

April is nine months in as an Account Manager at Keystone, working remotely from Mechanicsville, VA. With 20 years of experience in street sweeping, April brings a wealth of knowledge of broom products as well as the landscape and players in the industry as a whole. As Account Manager, April is able to assist customers with questions on products, quoting and order entry.  She enjoys following things through from start to finish and providing customer support with whatever is needed to ensure satisfaction from the start of their order to the delivery. Keep reading to learn more fun facts about April in this month’s employee spotlight!

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