AllPro Combo Strip Broom

All-Pro Combo Strip Brooms Feature Poly and Wire Bristle

Did You Know: The AllPro Combo Strip Brooms are available with Poly/Wire Bristle

The All-Pro Strip Broom was developed nearly 20 years ago as an alternative to the traditional Tube Broom. Strip brooms are easy to ship, easy to change, and like the tube broom, are available with all poly bristle or a combination of poly and wire bristle (All-Pro Combo Strip Broom).

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Why Quality Matters

Why do OEMs typically use the best quality products for their new equipment? The answer is simple. They want the equipment to perform at its optimal condition when you decide to purchase their product. No one wants to replace the burners in their new Weber grill a couple of weeks after bringing it home. Especially when the neighbors are on their way over expecting that famous barbecue you’ve been bragging about.

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All Pro Strip Broom_Red

3 Benefits of the All-Pro Strip Broom

Over the years we have found three key benefits when switching your main broom from a traditional tube broom to an All-Pro Strip Broom. The strip broom is made with the same poly bristles as the tube broom and provides the same consistent sweep. Often we find an increase in performance with the flicking action of the strip broom, especially the combo strip broom, which is a mix of both poly and wire.

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