Why Quality Matters

Why do OEMs typically use the best quality products for their new equipment? The answer is simple. They want the equipment to perform at its optimal condition when you decide to purchase their product. No one wants to replace the burners in their new Weber grill a couple of weeks after bringing it home. Especially when the neighbors are on their way over expecting that famous barbecue you’ve been bragging about.

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Keystone Gutter Brooms

Gutter Brooms – Everything You Need To Know

Welcome to Part 3, of our series Everything You Need To Know About Street Sweeping Brooms featuring Gutter Brooms.

Gutter brooms, or side brooms are the brooms on the side of street sweepers, usually pick-up sweepers or vacuum sweeper.  There are a few sweeper attachments that also have an option for a gutter brooms. Gutter brooms are round in shape and rotate to pull debris from the curb line into the center of the sweeper.

The most common bristle type used in a gutter broom is wire. The wire gives an aggressive sweep and cuts through the curbside debris. There is also a poly bristle option for a gutter broom. Poly is typically used for sweeping airport runways and other applications that require a less aggressive sweep.

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