The All-Pro Strip Broom

Our All-Pro Strip Broom is designed as an alternative to traditional tube brooms providing efficient sweeping, simple storage, ease of disposal and simplified broom changes.

The All-Pro Strip Broom has individual polypropylene strips that are mounted on a mandrel, forming a full size, densely bristled broom. Fused polypropylene bristles do the digging and flicking necessary to remove heavy debris. When worn, the strips are removed from the mandrel by undoing the bolts that secure the fiber guard, slide the old strips out, slide a new strips in, rebolt, and in as little as 10-15 minutes you’re sweeping.

All-Pro Combo Poly/Wire Mix Strip Broom

Because there are some sweeping jobs that require a tougher broom but with the same efficiency and quality as our standard All-Pro Brooms, we have created the All-Pro Combo Strip Broom.

We’ve combined our standard polypropylene bristle with crimped wire into a single strip. By doing this, we have developed a broom that brings an aggressive sweep and flicking agility of our polypropylene bristle together with the muscle of wire for a support sweep.

Center and Spiral Sweep Mandrels

The All-Pro Center Sweep Mandrel establishes a smooth even pattern that keeps constant bristle contact with the sweeping surface.

We make 2 style mandrels that hold the All-Pro Strip Brooms for different sweeping applications.  The first is the Center Sweep Mandrel. This center sweep core is designed for municipal sweepers and directs debris into the middle of the sweeping path resulting in less streaking and improving debris pickup.

The Center Sweep Mandrel allows collected debris to settle evenly in the sweeper hopper. This eliminates elevator wear and the need for frequent adjustments caused by debris collecting to one side.

The second style mandrel is the Spiral Sweep Mandrel. The spiral core is designed for road construction sweepers that push debris off the road.

The All-Pro Strip Broom is available in all poly or a poly/wire combo.

The strip brooms are traditionally sold as a set of 18 strips.

Common lengths are 48”, 56.5”, 58” 60”, and 66”. For larger size, we combine multiple smaller strip in a mandrel. For example, a 96” road construction broom uses 2 sets of 48” strips.

Contact us for specification on specific All-Pro Strip Brooms.

All-Pro Strip Brooms are typically sold as a set of 18 strips per box.

A standard skid will hold 15 sets of strip brooms which means you’ll get 15 broom changes on one skid reducing the cost of transportation compared to the traditional tube broom.

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The poly All-Pro Strip Brooms are 100% recyclable. Each strip can be placed in a recycling container once removed from the mandrel. On the contrary, the tube broom cannot be recycled and needs to go to the landfill. The costs associated with disposing each individual tube broom is significant due to the size of the broom.

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