Tube Brooms

Keystone Poly Wire Combo Tube BroomKeystone’s full fill Tube Broom is the industry leading broom for aggressive sweeping, overall performance and durability. The Tube Broom demonstrates Keystone’s commitment to quality as the bristles have more filament increasing the overall life span. This combination allows for more thorough debris collection and improved sweeping performance when compared with other sweeper brushes.

A tube broom is constructed on a solid steel core – a steel channel with filament crushed inside is spirally wound throughout the length of the tube. Tube Brooms are also known as: main brooms, center brooms, assist brooms, bottom brooms, pick-up brooms, belly brooms and extension brooms.

    • The Tube Broom is made with Keystones engineered bristles and is guaranteed to have more filament, a longer life, more thorough debris collection and greater sweeping results.
    • With it’s aggressive sweeping action, Keystone’s Tube Broom provides a cleaner street sweeping job.
    • Made with tight and consistent broom wraps, our Tube Brooms bristles keep constant contact with the road.
    • Keystone Tube Brooms have more filament providing longer broom life.

Keystone manufactures Tube Brooms all major Street Sweepers. There are a variety of lengths and width tube broom available.

Tube Broom are available in:

  • All Poly
  • Poly/Wire Combination
  • PM10 Configuration available on select Tube Brooms

Contact us for specification on specific Tube Brooms.

Keystone manufacturers Standard and Heavy Duty Tube Broom.


  • Our Standard Tube Brooms meet the OEM specifications

Heavy Duty:

  • Our Heavy Duty Tube Brooms exceed the OEM specification with a heavier amount of poly and/or poly wire mix

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