Why Convoluted Wafers Are More Economical Than Flat Wafers

Wafers are used to make main brooms for mechanical sweepers, road construction sweepers, and sweeper attachments.

Wafers are individual broom discs that stack on top of each other on a wafer rack to make a full broom core. There are two style wafers – Convoluted and Flat. Convoluted wafers have a wavy shape and flat wafers are well, flat.

Most people tend to stick with whatever broom type or configuration is on the sweeper when the sweeper is purchased. If you’re using flat wafers you may want to see why switching to convoluted can save you time and money.

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Why Quality Matters

Why do OEMs typically use the best quality products for their new equipment? The answer is simple. They want the equipment to perform at its optimal condition when you decide to purchase their product. No one wants to replace the burners in their new Weber grill a couple of weeks after bringing it home. Especially when the neighbors are on their way over expecting that famous barbecue you’ve been bragging about.

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Keystone Wafer Broom

Everything You Need to Know About Street Sweeping Brushes – Part 1: Wafer Brooms

Brooms are the core of any street sweeper. There are many different types of street sweepers for different sweeping applications and each one uses a replacement broom. There are four main styles of street sweeping brooms. We’ve developed an educational series called Everything You Need to  Know About Street Sweeping Brushes to help educate folks in our industry on the different types of broom options. This post will focus on Wafer Brooms. 

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