The Keystone Difference and the Real People Behind the Scenes

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Celebrating Our Customer Service Team at Keystone

As the promise of spring looms on the horizon, we’re gearing up for another busy sweeping season. Behind the scenes, our dedicated customer service team stands ready to support our customers every step of the way. In this blog post, we want to shine a spotlight on the invaluable contributions of our customer service representatives who ensure that our customers receive the assistance they need, when they need it.

At Keystone, we understand that excellent customer service is not just about resolving issues; it’s about building relationships and fostering trust. Each of our accounts is assigned a dedicated Account Manager supported by a team of skilled professionals committed to providing real, personal service. Whether it’s navigating through order processes, tracking shipments, establishing pricing, or offering technical support, our team is here to make the experience seamless for our customers.

Rhonda Pianka Keystone PlasticsMeet Rhonda, an integral member of our team with over three decades of service to Keystone. When asked about her role, Rhonda’s eyes light up with enthusiasm. “I love my customers,” she says with a warm smile. For Rhonda, the joy lies in the relationships she’s built over the years and the satisfaction of knowing she’s made a difference in their experience.

April, another seasoned member of our team, brings nearly 25 years of industry expertise to the table. “I enjoy helping my customers with their broom questions,” she shares. April’s dedication to the industry and her customers is evident in the way she goes above and beyond to ensure that every customer inquiry is met with prompt and accurate assistance.

Mark, whose journey at Keystone has seen him in various roles over the past five years, emphasizes the importance of understanding customers’ needs and leveraging his knowledge to empower both his team and our customers. “The various roles I’ve held at Keystone helps me understand customers’ issues. This allows me to get answers for my customers and help support the rest of my team,” Mark explains.

As we gear up for the spring season, we want our customers to know that they’re not just another transaction to us, they’re part of the Keystone family. Behind every order, inquiry, and concern is a team of real people dedicated to providing real-time solutions and support.

Our customer service team is the backbone of Keystone, embodying our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We understand that answering our customers questions helps them close deals and make money for their company.

Whether you’re in need of new brooms or simply have a question, our team stands ready to assist you with the same passion and dedication that has defined Keystone for over 70 years.

Please contact us anytime and let us help you with your brooms needs!


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