Everything You Need to Know About Street Sweeping Brooms

Everything You Need To Know About Street Sweeping Brooms

Need a new show to binge-watch? Check out these videos from Keystone Plastics.

Keystone Plastics, Inc. has manufactured the industry’s leading replacement brooms for street sweeping and road construction for over 50 years. Learn more about us in this introduction video.


We manufacture a complete line of products including AllPro Strip Brooms, AllPro Combo Strip Brooms, Tube Brooms, Gutter Brooms, Wafers, and custom brush solutions for OEM’s and specialty applications. We work to meet all our client’s needs and provide quality, reliable brooms for street sweeping.

Watch and learn about Tube Brooms.


Watch and learn about Gutter Brooms


Watch and learn about Wafer Brooms


Watch and learn about the Keystone Replacement All-Pro Strip Broom


We believe in reliable quality and strive to make the heaviest, longest-lasting brooms in the industry. We also think the only good broom is one that arrives to you as promised. Our innovative products, quality, and unrivaled customer service have been the foundation of our success.

Thanks for tuning in and keep your eye out for more videos coming soon.

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